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3d in director


3d heirarchy

Control is simple:
  • Click and drag the background to rotate the model. Release while spinning the model to impart momentum.
  • Click any node to reposition that node. Nodes are heirachial, so moving a root node will also move the children.
  • Click and hold to kill any momentum.
This model shows that simple 3d work can be done in Director at a reasonable framerate. The links are editable in space, but could just as easily be hotlinks.

The sense of depth generated by the lightening and blurring of the elements is very powerful. In this instance, it is actually a convenience - the elements are not depth-sorted, so by making them lighter as they receed in space, I can just send them all to the screen with a 'darken' ink and save a lot of time...

The momentum feature is great once you're used to it, allowing for efficient rotation of the model. If you're not accustomed to it, the momentum just makes the interface feel overly sensitive.

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