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shockwaved ideas

The response to these pages has been phenomenal. Thanks to everyone who has sent me feedback on my work. I'm continuing to add content to this page, so check it out once a month or so!

All of the demos off of this page require a recent version of the Macromedia Shockwave Plug-in. If you go to one of the links below, and don't see anything particularly impressive, you probably don't have the necessary Plug-in for your browser; you can find it here.


newly shocked

> NEW Fake Alpha Channels - 57 kb

> Metaballs - 8 kb

> 3d Polygons - 9 kb

> Reflection - 30 kb

> Magnification - 19 kb

> The DNA of Shockwave Design - 14 kb

> RTF Anti-Aliasing - 10 kb

I'll be regularly adding various Shockwave toys and ideas to these pages. Until they achieve enough mass to warrant a thread of their own (see below) they'll hang out here.


Click and drag the cube to spin it.
This is a 10 kb shockwave file.

3d in director

> 3d Heirarchy Example - 12 kb

> 3d Vector Graphics Example - 6 kb

> HOT How to Cook 3d in Director

People seem to be genuinely shocked that fast, responsive 3D can be hacked together in Director. The links above show that it's not only possible, but easy.

NEW - I've added a page that shows a project I did in Director that makes full use of this 3D code. Check it out!

I've had a huge number of requests for source code for the 3D shockwave stuff. You wishes have been answered in the new How To Cook section.


innovative interfaces

> Word-o-matic 1 - 75 kb

> Word-o-matic 2 - 75 kb

> Word-o-matic 3 - 75 kb

These shockwave experiments show off a few ideas. They grew out of a challenge to create a purely textual, yet highly interactive interface.

The first example was my original solution - I was really into objects influencing other objects at the time, though I didn't use any OOP in the scripting.

The second and third examples were inspired by a lecture by Bill Buxton (University of Toronto; Alias Wavefront) on the idea of circular menus...

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