Che Tamahori

vrml experiments

Here are some VRML 2.0 playthings. Make sure you have the latest version of CosmoPlayer as I tend to use some of the VRML specification's more obscure nodes.



> NEW Image Morphing

Slide the arrow between the faces to make the main image morph!

Two sets of geometry nodes, a couple of coordinate interpolators and an alpha fade. So simple - why isn't everyone doing it? I used CosmoWorld to set up the geometry morph; if there's sufficient public interest, I'll write a "how to" guide...

> NEW Mighty Morphing Mountain Ranges

An info-toy. Uses custom interpolators (to morph an elevation grid) and scripts. An HUD allows you to dynamically change the geometry with sliders. The VRML file is less than 5 kb Gzip'd.


in progress

> Morphing Mona

> Rubber-robics

These aren't quite finished, but we're getting there... They'll move on up to the group above once they're ready for primetime.

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